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Mevrouw met hondjes 3


Mevrouw met hondjes 2

Ik wil haar zo graag vragen of ze mijn filmpjes wil zien. Ze was er vandaag niet. Gisteren ook niet. Eergisteren wel maar toen was ik er niet, batterij van de camera was leeg. Ze had een wit mutsje op. Ik heb haar nog nooit met een wit mutsje op gezien:

Mevrouw met hondjes

Rond 07:00 uur ’s ochtends laat mevrouw haar hondjes uit.
Ze staat altijd op deze plek stil. Minuten lang.

Film: ”Network” (1976) – Peter Finch

”Peter Finch died from a heart attack on January 14, 1977 at the age of 60
At the time of his death, he was doing a promotional tour for the 1976 film Network in which he made an over-the-top portrayal of the crazed television anchor man Howard Beale. He was posthumously nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for his role, and went on to win the award, which was accepted by his widow. Although James Dean, Spencer Tracy, and Massimo Troisi had also been posthumously nominated for a Best Actor Oscar, Peter Finch was the first (and only) actor ever to win the award posthumously”.

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Film: ”Network” (1976) – Peter Finch

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Babyegel eet worteltje

Die pootjes :)
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Film: ”Network” (1976) – Peter Finch

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Pacific Gas & Electric – Are you ready?

..People say that He won’t come
And I don’t know what say you
But if He should, would you be the one?
Ive got a little question I’d like to ask you

Are you ready to sit by His throne?
Are you ready not to be alone?
Someone’s coming to take you home
And if youre ready, then He’ll carry you home..

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